Spring 2018 Anime

Magical Girl Ore Episode 3 & 4 – Anime QandA Review

What’s the show? Magical Girl Ore, Episode 3 & 4.

That’s the show where the girls turn into magical girls except the magical girls look like magical boys? Who like boys who like girls who like boys. Yes, the parody magical girl show, as opposed to the other magical show that I won’t dare mention again.

Uh-huh. So what’s new with these next two episodes? Not a whole lot to be honest, like it’s still funny, maybe not as funny as the first two episodes, but the pace is kind of irritatingly slow. I have to assume it’s intentional because everything else this show does seems so deliberate that ~maybe~ it’s a parody of the kind of prolonged pace of actual magical girl anime, I haven’t really seen enough to be sure though!

Poor pacing, what else? They introduce an “antagonist” of sorts in episode 4, called the ‘Cyborg’ he is also irritating but in a different way, the way he talks and his character design kind of reminded me of an Adult Swim cartoon. Makes me wonder if he’s not supposed to be a parody of magical girl “antagonists” too.

So in other words you’re not sure at the moment whether this show is being a deft and clever parody or is succumbing to lazy writing and poor pacing. Pretty much! ‘Tis part of the problem when you watch a parody of something while not being intimately familiar with the genre being parodied!

So anything you did like about these next two episodes. love the fact that Sakuyo is so into Saki like more than romantically like she’s DTF with her best friend. There’s a moment in episode 3 where the two girls, in magical “boy” form are interacting and Saki says “is this BL, I don’t know what this is?” or something to that effect and I mean yeah, exactly! I don’t know what this is?! I guess it goes to show that gender isn’t something that should ever get in the way of love, which is obviously a spot on *chefs kiss* message but I wonder if that’s the message they were going for if they just thought it would be funny. It’s hard to say given the comedic nature of the entire show, but I’d like to think they were going for something progressive.

Right. So you’re still on board with this crazy show? Yeah, I mean issues not withstanding (and they might not even actually be issues, if they were intended) I’m still interested this show, it’s a fun comedic romp and I want to see how—if at all—the complexities of this 3 dimensional gender-bending love triangle will be resolved. Also, episode 4 gives us some hints that there may be some other magical girls in this world and I’m interested to see if they have ‘unusual’ transformations too!

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