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Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 3 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 3.

What’s the show? Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, Episode 3.

‘Adventures in VR shooters with cute girls’? That’s the one!

So what did you want to talk about? So I kinda had an epiphany about this show while watching the 3rd episode, I was trying to think why so many people were having issues with the fact the show seems plot-lite but why I was loving that fact about the show and then it struck me. This isn’t an action series, or a military series, or a science fiction series or whatever genre MAL categorises it as, to me at least it’s a slice of life series.

Is there something in your eye?

Explain! Okay, well we’re 3 episodes in now and so far the most pressing plot points we’ve addressed has been, Karen (our tall girl protagonist) not being able to find an avatar in a VR game that is short and cute enough for her to play as, to find pink in-game gear and guns and being able to get concert tickets to her favourite artist. Sure I’m simplifying a lot but these issues present themselves at the forefront of the narrative, minor as they may seem to the outsider.

It’s hard being a tall girl in Japan.

I see your point, but it’s only 3 episodes in. A plot may in fact eventuate later down the road. A plot within the VR game perhaps, we’re heading toward the start/conclusion of the ‘Squad Jam’ which comprised the bulk of the first episode. And yes there will be action and tactics and what not but ultimately the only plot that matters in this story is that of Karen in the real world, about her getting better about dealing with social situations due to her tall height and presumably meeting up with her in-game friends in real life. And that’s 100% slice of life to me.

If you can eat in VR and apparently taste it, can you drink alcohol in VR and actually get drunk?

Well now that’s squared away, what do you have to say about this episode specifically? I loved it, obviously. As great as LLENN is as a character, the in real life Karen is even better. I’m totally into the friendship between LLENN and Pito in game and I desperately want to see what happens when/if they meet in reality! Also, we get a proper introduction to M and the interesting tidbit that he knows Pito in real life! Still fingers crossed that the muscular and intimidating dude is actually a cute girl in reality!

Do you ever smile?

So I take it the show is still recommended? Very much so, but I think if you haven’t jumped on board yet or are curious to know what kind of show this is, I think it’s perhaps a good idea to evaluate it from the slice of life perspective. You might not agree with that appraisal specifically but I think if you go in expecting something like that (and of course assuming you like slice of life anime to begin with) you might enjoy it a lot more!

7 comments on “Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 3 – Anime QandA Review

  1. Slice of life is also the conclusion I came to which is why I’m ending episode coverage at episode 3. I’m bored and I may drop this altogether though for now I’m going to watch another couple of episodes without reviewing and see if it grows on me.

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  2. I dunno why people get so worked up about “plot”. The plot’s there, at least to be inferred. I don’t see why there needs to be some big adventure story that the characters get railroaded through. I mean, to me it looks like they’re setting up the future conflict just fine between Pito and LLENN when Pito decides that she’s been ‘betrayed’ by LLENN at some point. But for that to mean anything when it happens, there needs to be enough character interaction and relationship that there’s actually something to ‘betray’.

    I think that if there’s really an issue I had with this episode, it’s the typical SAO-style “spend 20 minutes redundantly talking about the game” episode instead of just doing things. I mean, who didn’t figure out what Squad Jam was in the very first episode? It was super obvious it was a PvP group-based deathmatch. Why did they need to go back here and explain all of the things they already showed us?

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    • I agree, character is way more important than having a laid out plot right off the bat. But yeah there was probably too much exposition about things that were obvious.


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