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Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 1 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 1.

What’s the show? Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, Episode 1.

‘Kay, and what’s it about? It’s like a VR game, except if VR was actually good. Except it’s not a game it’s a show. And it’s a shooter, so lots of people speaking tactically and talking about guns and what not then bursts of violent action to punctuate it all.

Cover fire.

‘Sword Art Online’, I feel like I know that? Well it’s a popular series, this is like a spin-off or something.

Why haven’t you mentioned it before? Because I kinda don’t give a flying fuck about Sword Art Online! I know that’s probably ‘taking a side’ in the inane debate between SAO lovers and haters, but personally I’m just not that big of a fan of things set in generic fantasy settings, so that’s part of the reason why I never watched but a minute of the original SAO but also why I’m here reviewing GGO.

She’s small and fast, a lethal combination.

Right, fine, but what aside from the setting makes them so different? I don’t know! If I knew that maybe I’d have bothered to watch the original SAO, but as it stands I’m content to watch this version, but I fully admit it feels kind of populist, kinda like the same feeling I get when watching Fairy Tail or the like.

Oh my god you’re such an anime hipster it kind of hurts. I am not!

I don’t know who this is as she’s only in the show for a second but probably best girl.

You absolutely are, but now’s not the time to bicker. So who are the characters in the show? Well so far we’re really only introduced to LLENN a cute girl with a pink P90 machine-gun she calls P-Chan, and M a massive sniper dude with a tactical mind. At the very end of the episode we meet the gamer behind LLENN and thankfully it’s not some overweight otaku in his basement but a tall woman by the name of Karen (who I only know is really tall because the MAL synopsis, but I’m fairly sure that’ll be a plot point in future episodes).

I’m secretly hoping the gruff sniper dude, M is also a girl on the outside world.

Fair enough, so what exactly is the point of this show? I don’t know, but I enjoyed it all the same. I mean sure the stakes seem kinda low since the majority of the show is happening within a game world but I’m still interested to see how this kind of show goes!

So recommended then? I can only speak for people who haven’t see a Sword Art Online series before, and even then it’s still just my opinion but I can think of worse ways to spend 25 minutes, it hasn’t done anything remarkable or revolutionary but it’s still fun and I look forward to seeing how the series progresses.

Karen in real life and her online character LLENN.

6 comments on “Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 1 – Anime QandA Review

  1. I’m debating with this one SAO burned me good with that second season. I may give this one a shot, but I’m also tracking about 15 anime which is probably small peanuts compared to other bloggers.

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  2. I’m a little less thrilled given GGO was my least favourite setting for SAO (I’m not into guns). Couple that with this first episode not telling us anything about the story and mostly just letting us watch players play a game and really I’m stuck very much on the fence. I actually like SAO and I’m feeling like this spin off isn’t going to work for me unless it finds a plot fairly soon.

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  3. I find it very different from sao, even the gungale arc, which I didn’t like all that much. I was apprehensive about this series, but the first episode was ok and I liked the strategic side of things. Hopefully none of the characters have debilitating problems they need to get over in real life, they just want some wish fulfillment.

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