20 Question Anime Reviews

Komori-San Can’t Decline – 20 Question Anime Review

What’s the show? Komori-San Can’t Decline!

What’s it about? Guess how old this girl is?


Straight in there with the boob gifs huh, wow. No seriously guess.

Urgh, well I don’t really feel comfortable about this, but uh… eighteen I suppose? Nope! 14!

F**k off. I do not tell a lie. In the original manga she’s 14 (in the show she’s 15 but that’s probably just a typo with the subtitles or something).

What is going on? I just… this review got out of control so quickly… There’s 12 episodes of this show, guess how long each episode is?

What are you doing? We’re playing a fun game, just guess, will you?

Fine, err, I don’t know, whatever a normal anime episode length is? 25 minutes? Each episode is TWO MINUTES LONG.

What?! I didn’t even know they came that short? I’ll avoid the obvious penis joke and continue, yes two minutes, 1 minute 35 seconds if you exclude the closing credits!

I’m so confused. Is it even good? Can you even get to know characters or plot or anything at that length? Yes. Succinctly introduced characters with very different personalities and physical appearances. It’s a slice of life so it’s just ‘school days’ and yes. In that order.


I feel like there’s more your not telling me, I mean we’ve suddenly gone from relatively ‘normal’ anime to suddenly reviewing two-minute anime which I assume is just an in-between filler show that goes in between two full length shows? Why are we reviewing this? Cool-kyō Shinja, the original manga author is a personal favourite of mine, even if his tastes are… interesting to say the least.

Dare I even ask? He’s into oppai loli and shota love interests, at least if his doujin and the recurring themes in his manga and anime are anything to go by.


I’ve done cursory Google searches on enough of those terms to know I need to change the subject and quickly. Are we suddenly running a family friendly, PG rated blog?

Well no, it’s just… well this isn’t exactly approachable content we’re discussing, aren’t you afraid of alienating your readers? Pfft, they are all anime otaku, which means they’re all at least partially perverts.

Okay then, so 15 questions in to this 20 question anime review we’re finally going to start talking about the plot of this show, yes? Sure, the titular (pun intended) Komori-san can literally not say no to anything that’s asked of her.

Oh god. Ah, seems like you too are a pervert! But guess what, you’re wrong, aside from her ample bust this show is pretty much as wholesome as it gets.

Really? Yes, really. She and her two best friends are just going through their everyday school lives, with Komori-san helping people out even if it ends up making her life slightly more difficult. Because she loves to help people, she loves to be needed, because being needed means people trust and respect her.


But the show’s only 2 minutes long… You’d think that’d mean it’s hard to grow attached to and yes, I do wish the show was longer but it still works, it’s hurried but it’s still elicits the occasional chuckle, it’s kind-hearted and enjoyable to watch. You just have to get your mindset out of regular anime pacing and accept it for its ‘bite sized’ form.

I can’t believe we got through a full-length review for a show that in total amounts to less than a single normal anime episode. Ain’t nothing wrong with being abnormal.

Final verdict? It’s hard to recommend something that’s so fleeting, because it’s brevity is a serious detriment to its potential. It’s kind of easier to just watch it and see if you like it, heck you probably could’ve watched half the season in the time it took you to read this review. It’s cute, it’s got an impossibly busty 15-year-old protagonist, it’s silly, it’s short and it’s sweet. You could do far worse, than to decline Komori-san and her cohorts. 75 out of 100.


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  1. I know Animes that are 5 minutes for episode… But 2 minutes? That’s the shortest I ever seen! I really need to watch it because I’m not understand how the hell are they able to do 1 event to catch my interest in 1 minute e 30-ish seconds!

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    • There’s another one that I started watching recently that’s also 2 minutes long, it’s called Teekyu! And it has 9 seasons (108, 2 minute episodes!) I recommend it too, it’s very funny but very random (if you like that kind of humour – which I do). Both shows are on Crunchyroll.

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